Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Today the girls and I went back to the church where Angel and I took our vows just over 17 years ago.  Not only were we married there but I attended Missionettes and Youth group when I was younger. . It brought back a lot of memories going back to Shrewsbury AG.  And I ran into a lot of people that I haven't seen in years.

The reason for going back to the church was for the girls to attend the Vacation Bible School program.  With our move to Korea last year, the girls have not had an opportunity to participate in church programs for kids and teens, as the chapels where we live do not have anything like that.  Marissa is signed up to be a helper, while the other three girls will be participating in the program itself.  I know they are all excited! 

During this week the girls will be heading back to Nazareth, where Jesus was a kid.  As always, Shrewsbury AG puts on quality programs and I am excited to see what the girls will learn this week.
Here is a sampling from Group Publishing's VBS program, Nazareth.

Will your family be participating in a VBS program this year? 

Does your church sponsor a VBS for your community? 

From the days when my husband pastored, I have seen great results of Vacation Bible School programs.  I pray that the lives of the children attending this week at Shrewsbury AG will be changed.

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