Saturday, June 25, 2011


This past week has been all about reconnecting.  On Tuesday, I got together with three of my good friends from high school and their children at a local park.  Everyday this week I have taken my girls to VBS at the church where Angel and I were married.  And on Wednesday, I met up with my college roommate's parents, who were in Pennsylvania for a Car Show.

It has been over 18 years since I saw my college roommate, Pat and her family.  After she left school and moved back to South Carolina, we kept in touch for a few years.  I ended up switching colleges and getting married and somewhere in between we lost touch.  With the rise in social networking in the recent years, we were able to reconnect via Facebook.  It has been nice to see what path our lives have taken over the years.

Nicole and Pat at Elim  (1990)

One of my fond memories of her mom is the "Care Packages" that she would send to Pat and I while we were in college.  The donuts were always a hit and homemade for us with love!  Pat and I shared a lot of memories during our time at Elim.  It is always funny to look back at our big hair!  We had lots of laughs, especially during Study Time, shhh, don't tell the RA (resident assistant).  Ha, ha...I think she already knew.

After visiting the Extreme Makeover site, the girls and I were off to the Olive Garden to meet up with Pat's parents, Paul & Edith and two of their grandchildren.  We had a nice dinner and great time reconnecting after all these years.  I think everyone, from young to old enjoyed themselves and made some new friends.

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