Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Updates

I have been quite lax about keeping up this blog in the last two months, so I am going to put together a few updates back to back about what has been going on in the last two months.

My last post detailed my parents trip to Texas. Since then we have been busy. While visiting, my mom bought the girls an easy set pool for them to keep cool in during the hot Texas summer. Even though it is only 3 feet deep, they love it.

The girls finished school the first week of June and both of them did very well. Marissa made the A honor roll in her school, while Katelyn excelled in her learning at home. The three older girls attended VBS at one of the chapels on post and had a great week, making new friends, learning new songs....etc. Katelyn and Marissa's friend Katie and her family PCSd (Permenant Change of Station) to a different base and they had to say goodbye after VBS.

In June Angel had LASIK eye surgery, so now he is eyeglass free...but able to wear sunglasses. His vision is great and he loves not having to run each week for PT with eyeglasses. At the end of June, a classmates of Angel's from CHBOLC (Chaplain Officer Basic Leadership Course) came to Ft Hood to get some gear as he was preparing to deploy and we were able to spend some time together eating lunch. Owen and his wife were frequent guests of ours while we lived at Fort Jackson and it was a pleasure to see him again.

Here are some pictures from the month of June.

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