Friday, January 25, 2008

Potty Training 101

The time has come to yet again potty train a little Perez. Victoria will be turning three at the end of February and I have waited too long to start the potty training....but better late than never?! Last week I decided just to do it....start the potty training that is. Day 1 and 2 were the pits. I think I changed 4 outfits before lunch time. Day 3 she seemed to be understanding what i expected from her and we appeared to be on a roll. During this time, Angel was in the field for traning with his battalion for 2 weeks so I was doing this chore alone. Nights were not so good but I was hoping for dry days. And we had some :).....and then we had some more wet ones. Today is day 11 and we have had 2 accidents today. I know, I am a perfectionist mom who expects her just to get it and i need to give her some time.

Maybe Angel coming home today will help encourage her to "go potty for daddy". We shall see how this next week pans out.

My mom arrived on Sunday night for a short visit. We took the girls to Dallas on Monday to have linner (lunch/dinner) at American Girl Boutique and Bistro. They had a great time. The next two days were spent trying to get my house in order....or basically decorated. I had already unpacked the boxes and now it was time to hang curtains, arrange furniture and get things in order. Today I drove to Austin to take my mom to the airport. BOOO HOOO! Too bad she couldn't stay longer, I really could use more help :) Love ya mom!!

Hope you are starting off your New Year on a good foot or two for that matter!

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