Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Fort Hood, TX! It has been just over two weeks since we arrived to the Lone Star State. We received housing the day Angel signed in and our HHG (household goods) came at the end of the week. We wanted the girls to have the Christmas we made sure the tree was put up, even if we couldn't find clean clothes to wear :) This Christmas is the first that we spent away from family and our was very different. It really didn't even feel like Christmas..... I guess it's time to start our own traditions or at least take leave and fly home for the holidays.

Since we moved to Texas without beds for the girls, we went bed shopping and found new beds for the 3 older girls. Part of their Christmas gift was to pick out bedding tooo and they were sure excited about shopping....but what girl isn't!

We rang in the new year...already asleep in our beds. Things here in post are running on a modified schedule and Angel is usually home around lunchtime. Tomorrow the girls start public school after being homeschooled for the last 10 weeks ( I don't think Marissa is looking forward to getting up early) Marissa and Katelyn have both made friends already and our house on post (a duplex) is connected to another chaplain and his families.

Well, just a little update from our home to yours. We miss you all this holiday season and pray God's richest blessings in your lives. Don't forget to put Him first in all things and expect a breakthrough this New Year 2008!

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Anonymous said...

Glad all is going well for you guys we have thought of you an prayed for you often. Dave is in his first week of training this week up in Rhode Island. We are in the process of trying to get Military ID's etc., Keep us in your prayers as we continue in this journey

Tonya Nelson