Friday, April 6, 2007

The Invitation

One of the most important parts of the road to chaplaincy in the Army is receiving a denominational endorsement. After meeting the physical requirement, I received a phone call from the Department of Chaplaincy of the Assemblies of God in Springfield, Missouri inviting me to go out to Springfield and be a part of the Commissioning of Chaplains. I am honored to have received such an invitation. So, in May, Nicole and I will be flying out to Missouri. Praise the Lord, for He is opening more doors of opportunity.

Side Note:

I had mentioned that I passed the physical requirement. I wanted to show you a before and after picture of the transformation that has happened after losing close to 80 pounds.


July 2005

July 2006

March 2007

Thank you to all who have been praying and providing encouragement.

Check back next week for the update on my MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for the medical examination that will determine if I can proceed to the next phase.

Anticipate a breakthrough, today!

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