Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Breakthrough At M.E.P.S.

I am so happy to report that I passed the Military Entrance Processing Station physical.

Needless to say, the night before I was concerned with what the results would be. I really prayed to the Lord for peace. My wife, Nicole, stated that if I have done all that I can do to face the physical then I shouldn't worry. She was right and by the grace and favor of God I passed it.

In all the five areas that they examined me they rated me with 1-3. One is the best score to receive, two is still good, but three is definitely not so good. All the five categories had ones except the area of my eyes, which I received a two. The two just indicates that I need to wear glasses to read.

My recruiter and his staff were also over-joyed. On Monday, when I took the physical I had the privilige to meet the recruiting station. Prior to Monday, I had been in contact with my chaplain recruiter, CH Walker, via phone and email. During my visit, we went over the rest of my packet that will be sent to the commissioning board in June. Sgt. Pamplin did an excellent job taking me through the final papers that I needed to sign so that my packet could be closer to being complete.

There are just a few more steps before the final "Good to Go." I need my denominational endorsement and an interview with one of the representatives of the Chief of Chaplain's office. Then the packet will go before the commissioning board. I know that it will go up in June, but I have been praying and asking God for a breakthrough for my packet to go up in May, so that I could have the opportunity to go for training in June. If the packet goes up in June, then I will have to wait for September to go for training.

Well, breakthroughs are what this blog is all about. Join your faith with mine for a miracle so that the doors will be opened for my packet to go before the board in May.

By the way, I lost another half inch off my waist. My body fat content has changed from 23.36% to 22.58%. My weight is at 211 lbs. My goal is to get under 200 lbs. before meeting my endorser in May. Of course the weight varies, so the other goal would be to get my body fat content percentage under 20%; without killing myself. My current waist is 38 inches, I would need to get down to 36 inches to reach that goal. But, what I find rather odd is that I can fit in a 36" waist pants. Wow, to think that I used to wear 46" pants. I have have lost 10" off my waist; that's a lot of fat (80+ pounds).

Well, here is a current picture of myself. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not becoming vain, but considering how far I have come to losing the weight and to qualify physically for the Army, I give God the glory for giving me the courage, strength, and self-discipline to achieve this goal.

Left picture was from August 2005. The right picture is from this month, April 2007.

I'm still looking for breakthroughs, how about you?


Mike Fiore said...

You're half the man you used to be-praise God! We're pullin' for you and praying God direct the path He has for you, and that you "run" that path with God's pace.

Love ya bro,
Mike & Jennifer Fiore

Lilian said...

We serve an amazing God!!! what a transformation!!! I love reading about the wonderful things God is doing in your life. We are happy to hear that everything is going well. We will continue to have you in our prayers. We miss you
Hugs and Kisses to everyone
God bless
Jose and Michelle

Damaris said...

Bro you look great!!!! We are so proud of you and the work that God is doing in you. You are in our prayers. We love you and miss you very much.
Paul & Damaris