Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creative Carrier

The other week was my daughter's seventh birthday. We had hoped to be back in the states before her birthday so I hadn't really made plans for a party.  Our plan was to have a party with her cousins, aunt and uncle and grandparents.  Since we are still in Korea, I had to throw something together last minute.

I check the movies that were playing on the local posts and found the post closest to our home was showing "Big Miracle",  so we decided to go out to dinner and then to the movies for her birthday. I wanted to make a dessert for Victoria's birthday, so I decided upon cupcakes baked into ice cream cones. The idea was great, until I realized that I did not have a way to transport them.

I little ingenuity and some help from big sister and we were ready to go.

We took a cereal box and taped the top and bottom up real tight. Then I had my daughter cut Xs into the one side of the box. We pushed down the Xs and squeezed the ice cream cones into the box. It worked perfectly.

It may not look the greatest but it met our needs.

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