Thursday, April 15, 2010

I finally did it!

For the most part, I have never struggled with weight. I wouldn't say that I was skinny, but I have never been overweight...until recently. With each pregnancy I would say that I kept 3-5 lbs. Now times that by 4 and you are talking about 15 -20 lbs. of extra weight. Then add to that a homecoming (my husband coming back from Iraq), a cruise (one has to try all the delicious foods) and a miscarriage, and I am not comfortable where I am at right now. So...I decided to join Weight Watchers.

I went to my first meeting last week. It was eye opening. I thought that I didn't have horrible eating habits, nor did I think that I overate, but when you are tracking everything you put into your mouth, it gives you a little change of perspective. I did great the first week, losing over 5 lbs. I wish that would happen every week but I know it won't. I have also tried to do some form of exercise everyday. Water has become my drink of choice, though I am missing a good sweet tea with lemon every now and then.

Last year when I was doing P90X, I did not incorporate a diet along with it. It was enough for me to find 50 minutes in my day to exercise with my husband in Iraq and homeschooling the girls. I look back and think that if I would have just made some changes to my diet, I might I have seen the results then that I had hoped for at the time.

While I am here in PA, I am determined to remain faithful to the task ahead of me. As with most of the things in life, consistancy is the key! I'm a bit worried about next week, when we will be in NYC visiting family and I will not be preparing my own food. I just need to be careful and watch my portions. I am one who will skip a meal and then eat a candy bar or cookies. Away with that! I am turning over a new leaf and going to stick this thing out.

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