Thursday, March 11, 2010

Living in Chaos

I wouldn't quite say that life in our home is unbearable, but we are definitely living in chaos. In January, my husband received his orders for his next duty station...South Korea. While our move to Texas just over 2 years ago was pretty uneventful, a move overseas is proving to be otherwise. Even though my husband got his orders, the family was not on them. To get the family authorized to accompany him to Korea, we had to fill out paperwork, have each dependent (me and the girls) screened to make sure none of us had any serious medical condition which would prohibit us from traveling and have all the above sent to Korea. We were told that it would take two weeks to hear back from them. A few days later, we received an email that an additional document was needed and we signed, scanned and sent that off. Last Friday we got our approval for Command Sponsorship.

In the meantime, we attended a brief for transportation and scheduled our HHG (House Hold Goods) to be picked up. One of the restrictions with moving to Korea is that we are only allowed to take 50% of our HHG allowance. So when the movers come, they will be packing and picking up three different shipments. The first is unaccompanied baggage. This is a small shipment of essential household items that will be sent first and a little quicker. The second shipment will be all of our things we will take with us to Korea. The last shipment is the other 50% of our stuff that will be stored for the next two years. Trying to decide what is important enough to take has been a bit overwhelming. I don't want to leave anything behind that we might need because it will be held in a storage facility in Texas and I will not have access to it...unless I choose to take a long flight from South Korea back to the states, just for something that is in the storage unit.

We are trying to break things down into different rooms or piles in a room of what is storage and what will come with us. I feel like my house is in such disarray. Yesterday, a friend of mine came over to help with whatever I needed to get done. We took down curtains and rods, pictures and wall hangings. The house looks so bare. We have just over one week before the packers come for the first shipment and there is so much to be done.

I think with all that is going on, I am going to take a break from homeschooling just so I don't drive myself crazy. With all the chaos in the home, morning sickness and so much to be done in so little time, I need to prioritize what's important and what can wait. At this point, getting ready for the movers is important and we'll just double up school when we get to PA in a few weeks.

As I mentioned earlier, we have our approval for all of us to move to Korea, but the downside is that my husband has to go to Korea first and find our family an apartment on the Korean economy, as they do not have military housing in the area that he is assigned. We are hoping that this doesn't take too much time. In the meantime, the girls and I will stay in PA with my parents until we get the green light to fly to Korea.

I guess living in chaos isn't soo bad. At least my husband is here with me and we can go crazy together :)

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Anonymous said...

I am not an army wife, well not really, I am the wife of a DOD civilian, while in many ways close it's not quite, but that doesn't stop me from having very similiar expirences. (up to and including a deployment) However I am writing you this comment from Baumholder Germany where my husband (or in all honesty soon to be x husband) is stationed working for DOIM (Department of information managment) and yes I speak in acronyms too lol. The move over here was definatly a challenging one especially for the fact that even though in the last 6 years I've lived at Fort Hood, Fort Reily, and Dugway Proving Grounds, none of those are military moves again DOD civilian we don't exactly count. (A point more annoying in USAREUR) This was not only my first move overseas but first military move. Now I could have used a BUNCH of advice a year ago on the military move part. (Like the fact that you can't send even poster paint overseas!) You pretty much look at it the move the same from my understanding, but don't move anything overseas that you don't want damaged even with the guaranteed full price thing guarantee. At least here in Germany they contract with civilian companies to UNPACK for you so things might not get put back together on the other end the way you'd like. Other than that the only advice I can give is to hang tight, and see if someone on the other end can possibly give you demensions of the base housing where you'll be living. (Easier furniture size ideas) One of the friends that I met while here didn't have enough room to put half her stuff and wishes she could have left it. I get to turn around and do an ERD (Early return of dependants) This June so I will be doing this all again a year after I did it the first time, and two years after we moved to Dugway. No the military nor this move had anything to do with the divorce. It's a long story, one that I'm sure you have little interest in anyway. Just hang tight, and know that I can sympathize with what your going through. I'm sure you have wives that have told you better ideas than this but again, not military wife and not looked at as one so alot of military wives act like I have no idea what any of it is like. Enjoy the country your moving to I can say that the expierence has been one that even with the heartbreak of my marriage ending that it was worth it. May God bless you and keep you and yours safe.