Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I love fall

This is my favorite season...FALL.
I love to watch the leaves change but I really don't enjoy being the one to rake them.
I enjoy cool nights where you need a jacket to go out but don't like the fact that I am missing my husband with whom I'd rather snuggle.
I love smores and popcorn by the fire but don't like smelling like smoke.
I like to sip hot chocolate on a cold morning but I wish I could make the calories disappear.
I enjoy eating a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup but it always tastes better when I don't have to make it myself.
I love doing fun things with my girls but miss having my entire family together.

Fall reminds me of change. Trees lose their leaves, children start school, the weather gets cooler.... While change can be hard, challenging and even downright is good for us. It helps us to see what we are made of. If you asked me almost a year ago if I thought I could manage my home, children and additional responsiblities that were once my husband's for a whole year without him...I would have not really been sure what to say or how to respond. I would have hoped to say YES...but I know my weaknesses. We are at the very end of this deployment and I must say that the change I have gone through this year has made me a better person. I person who is more dependent on the Lord and knows where to turn when I feel like I just can't go on anymore. I am very excited though a little anxious for the upcoming change that will be taking place in a few husband returning from his year long deployment. I am excited to have him back home but not quite sure how two people who have lived apart for almost a year will mesh back together. Even though I am a little apprehensive, I know that just as He has in the past, that God will see us through.

Are you in the midst of changes in your life right now? Have you allowed God to work in and through you? Having Christ in your life makes a difference. He doesn't make our worry or problems disappear but he gives us the strength and courage to face them as He is there for us...sometimes carrying us through. Embrace what this life offers you and meet it head on with God on your side. It not about just getting to the desintation but It's all about the Journey.

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