Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fireproof...a must see movie


I couldn't wait to see this movie. It had been recommended to me by quite a few people, so I anxiously counted down until the movie was available on DVD. I had ordered it in December...and just had to wait for it to arrive. I had also bought "The Love Dare" but with block leave and Christmas in Pennsylvania, I have not had time to read this book, let alone put it into action.

I sat down one afternoon last week to view the movie. It was great! I cried...and cried some more. I know of some couples, whom I have been praying for, that are struggling in their marriages. I'm not sure if that is why I was a bit emotional or not. I have recommended this movie to one of those couples. If you are at a point of giving up or think there is no hope for your marriage, I encourage you to view this movie. As you do, have an open heart to let God speak to you. Maybe you need to commit to doing "The Love Dare" as a step of faith for your marriage. I have witnessed the work of the Lord in friend's marriages, that looked very hopeless.

I think many times we feel we can fix it (our relationships) on our own and we leave God out of the equation. But let me tell you, God needs to be the center of it all. Without Him and the love He has so freely given to us, we can not love others.

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