Friday, August 10, 2007

Blissful Start

After all the waiting to know where my first duty station will be, I’ve finally received “the phone call.” My first duty station after CH-BOLC is Fort Bliss, TX. It was not one of the places that I had written down on my wish list. The only location that I had chosen that was in Texas was Fort Hood.

When I broke the news to my wife, she had a similar reaction, “Really?!” When one entrusts their life in the hands of the Almighty God, all one can do is have the faith to believe that it is exactly where God wants them to be. So, with that in mind, my family and I rejoice that we are no longer waiting to know where we are assigned to and that we are in the center of God’s will.

We now begin to focus our prayers and thoughts for the soldiers and their families that are stationed at Fort Bliss. We pray for our eyes to see the opportunities that God will use us to advance the kingdom of God. We pray that the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ will invoke faith and hope. We pray that the glorious power of the Almighty God would be always present, always evident, and always manifested.

Praise the Lord, for a blissful start!

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