Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Preparing for CIMT

Since approved, my focus has become preparing for the first four weeks of Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CH-BOLC), which is called the Chaplain Initial Military Training (CIMT). This will entail PT every morning, marching, classes, and various obstacle and teambuilding courses. CIMT will start the second week of September and end the middle of October. Immediately after that I will begin the second part of training at CH-BOLC, which will be another two months.

To prepare for the physical training, I have been following a workout program from a book written my Stewart “Stew” Smith, The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness. It is a 12 week PT program that covers upper body, abs, and lower body, running, and swimming. So far I am in the second week and I am doing my best to keep up. My goal is to be as physically prepared as possible for CIMT.

In addition, I have picked up reading again in order to keep my mind sharp and apt to understand and retain the information I will be reading during CIMT.

The other form of preparation is at the home front. Nicole and I are preparing ourselves for the season we will be apart. We are also preparing for our first duty station, which at this point we don’t have a clue where that will be. We are also looking over the calendar to strategically celebrate the birthdays of Katelyn (Sept.), Marissa (Oct.), Breanna (Nov.), which I will be missing during the three months of CH-BOLC.

Finally, there is the most important component that I must ensure that I am continually developing, spiritual readiness. Through morning devotionals and prayers, in addition to reading Christian books and fellowshipping with other believers, I am keeping my heart focused on the Lord Jesus Christ. The reality is that being an Army Chaplain is what God has called me to and in order to fulfill His purposes I must be in total connection with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

While preparing for CIMT, I am preparing to see the hand of God do breakthroughs in my life and the lives of soldiers and military families.



The Elder Family said...


It is great to see how things are coming together for you and Nicole. I pray that answers will come and you two will know the presence of the Lord during the months ahead.


Johnnie E.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angel keep up the posts and the good work, we will keep you in our prayers as we hope you will keep us in yours. It was great to see you again. Grace and peace.
Larry & Mercy